School Holiday Jr. Robotics Workshop for Kids

Fundamentals In 3D Printing & Modelling

Introduce your child to the world of robotics and coding with 1st Robo. Learn how to build your own robot and bring it to life with coding. Each robot has their own unique functions – the only limit is your imagination!

  • ? Online guided workshop
  • ? English
  • ? 5-10 years old
  • ? Robotics, Coding

What You’ll Learn

  • Introduce young kids to how real robots work
  • Understand a robot’s basic components and how they function
  • Build and assemble different robot types
  • Enhance your robot design with a CPU, touch sensors, contact sensor blocks and LED blocks
  • Learn how various robot components work with each other to automate the robot
  • Program the robot using pre-programmed cards and a card reader (no additional software or device needed)
  • Develop logical thinking skills and creative problem-solving skills to complete missions


The 1st Robo DIY Robotics Kit contains:

  • 15 default build instructions
  • Coloured building blocks in various sizes
  • CPU block & card reader
  • Pre-programmed cards
  • Infrared sensor block
  • Infrared sensor block
  • Contact sensor block
  • LED block & buzzer block
  • DC motor & wheels
  • Cables & connection axles

Programme Info

RM379 RM947.50 60% off (Limited time offer!)

This package includes:

  • 1st Robo DIY Robotics Kit with FREE shipping
  • 5-day online workshop (Total of 8 hours)
  • Access to online guides available on our LMS
  • Digital 5T3M certificate upon completion


A computer or tablet device with Zoom app installed, 1st Robo DIY Robotics Kit (provided)